Bed Bugs Awareness & Prevention 

Bed Bug infestation is a growing problem around the country, but also here in Michigan. The Michigan Department of Community Health formed a work group to address concerns and provide information to the public relating to this issue. The first meeting was held on January 14, 2008 in Lansing. MDCH asked that PMAM send a representative from the organization to represent the interests of multifamily housing.

The work group consisted of members from the Michigan Department of Community Health, Michigan Department of Agriculture, Michigan State University, Michigan Environmental Health Association, Michigan Pest Control Association, Wayne County Health Department, and the PMAM, representing the property management industry. Everyone felt that there was little information available from within Michigan and that this work group could possibly take the lead in providing information to Michigan residents concerning this growing problem.

Issues addressed by the group:

  1. Quality of Life Issues.
  2. Anxiety issues surrounding infestations.
  3. Difficulty in control and management.
  4. Public Education and Communication.
  5. Residents with Special Needs.
  6. Workforce training issues.
  7. Toxicity of Pesticides and health risks.
  8. Legal and enforcement issues.
  9. Tracking of complaints.
  10. Legal and Legislative concerns.
  11. Cost and available resources.

Useful Brochures: